Shoulda gone to Spec Savers? We've gone to Spec!


We know our clients want and deserve the best. That's why we are always on the look-out for the latest and most innovative technologies that will enhance our entire marketing experience, whether buying, selling or renting.


Introducing…..Spec! This brand new estate agent tool benefits both us, the estate agent and you, the client.


Here’s how...


One and Done

Spec gives us an all-in-one solution for creating accurate, feature-rich marketing assets. For you this means that everything is done in one visit, ensuring minimal disruption, with a Spec Digital Surveyor, These guys are trained in RICS Property Measurement as well as being:

·         RICS certified

·         Over 160 hours of training

·         Fully insured

·         Identity and DBS checked

·         Domestic Energy Trained (EPC)


Tech Spec

It's so frustrating for us when we can’t truly and accurately reflect all the light, spaces, layouts and features that make all of the properties we market so unique. With Spec, for sales and lettings properties of every size and type, we can produce 360° and immersive virtual reality experiences that make the most life-like viewings for house hunters on their desktop, or their phone with our unique VR Clips and mobile app.

Spec uses the revolutionary 3D Leica BLK360 camera. This bad boy captures millions of data points of measurement per property, delivering more accurate floor plans down to the last millimetre!

Plus analytics included with VR Clips give our team access to powerful insights from each and every VR viewing. This way we can understand which properties and rooms house hunters are truly engaged with which in turn means we fine-tune how we market your properties and rooms. It’s win-win.


Assets in Hours

We get easy-to-download, ready-to-share assets back within 24 hours – you get a VR experience with a difference. With Spec's unique mobile viewing accessory - VR Clips - house sellers know their home is live and showcased in all its glory within hours and house hunters can view properties anywhere and anytime. VR Clips are lightweight, portable and fit perfectly in your pocket. Plus the packaging can be branded with your company logo and VR Clips are compatible with Apple iPhones and Android Devices.



Wanting to learn more, I went to with some of my burning marketing questions.


Are Spec a subsidiary of SpecSavers?

No. Spec is the creation of Pupil, a leading spatial technology company. Pupil is changing the world of data capture, creating immersive 3D experiences through revolutionary technology.


How long does a "capture" take?

It takes an average of 2-4 hours to complete depending on the size of the property. The better prepared the property is for the capture, the more time our Digital Surveyors will have to make the home look great. 3D cameras utilise cutting-edge point cloud technology to deliver more accurate floor plans than traditional services and ensure RICS-compliant info.


You had me at “point cloud technology”. Who is RIC and why do you keep talking about him?

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the eminent global body setting professional standards in property. From the 1st May 2018, RICS has mandated that International Standards must be used as the default standard to report the measurement of properties. Basically this protects estate agents and clients from misleading advertising.


For more information on how Spec can help you buy, sell, rent or rent out...

Call 0207 732 4330








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