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It would be fair to say that Peckham has changed considerably in the past few decades. This part of London was one of the first areas to reinvent itself, evolving significantly long before terms like hipsters or gentrification were in everyday use. Peckham has developed an excellent reputation with respect to art galleries and its welcoming attitude to artists and workshops. If you are looking for an area of London that promotes creativity and allows you to indulge in artistic activities, Peckham is well worth considering.

There is no shortage of art galleries or exhibition spaces in London. However, most art-lovers will instinctively think of destinations like the Tate Modern or Cork Street, but Peckham proves that there is more to artistic creativity in the capital than the established names and heavily promoted events. Don’t forget that Peckham is conveniently located to two of the largest art schools in the capital, Goldsmith’s and Camberwell, so there is a ready-made local audience for galleries. In this regard, the on-tap artistic market has in some ways helped shape the modern Peckham while of course the more affordable rental fees in the area has made Peckham more appealing to an artistic audience.

Find the perfect space in Peckham

Peckham Space, located opposite from the local library, had a name that suggested it supported artists in the local community, and this was an ideal destination to visit and get a feel for what is happening in the local art scene. With exhibitions and displays updating on a regular basis, there may not always have been something that you liked or enjoyed but equally, it was never be too long until there was something new to enjoy or analyse.

The SON Gallery mainly focuses on photography, and again, the merits of what is on display will largely depend on the exhibition in place. The Hannah Barry Gallery, found in Holly Grove, is the permanent gallery space under the name of someone who has been central to the art scene in Peckham for some time. This gallery opened in November 2013 and has driven a lot of the demand and development for art in the area.

Peckham provides the platform for artistic style and creativity

For many people though, it was the introduction of Peckham Platform in January 2014 that introduced a hub that helped to focus the community. Replacing Peckham Space, Peckham Platform not only acts as a place for artists and admirers to congregate, it serves as a stunning destination for challenging and vibrant art in the modern day. Peckham Platform aims to create a “positive cultural experience” for residents and the growing number of guests who attend Peckham to capture the style of the latest London scene.

Other destinations that have helped make Peckham a natural choice for art lovers in London include:

·         South London Gallery

·         CLF Art Café

·         Peckham Liberal Club

At Gareth James, we are proud to call Peckham home and we know that this is an area of London like no other. No matter what your next move is in or around the area, we are estate agents that understand the Peckham market and what people looking for property in this area are looking for. Peckham’s art scene is one of the most vibrant aspects of the local community and we look forward to celebrating it for many years to come.


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