Home Improvements: Add Value By Moving Up, Out And Down

There are many reasons for making changes at a property. Some households are very settled in their home but would like to make some changes that would help them get even more enjoyment and utility from their property. There will also be people who would like to move to a new home but find the cost or competitive nature of the market to be prohibitive, which means that upgrading their current property makes sense. There will also be people who want to enhance their investment and undertake home improvements to increase the value of their property. At Gareth James, we believe these are all valid reasons for home improvements, but it is vital that the right sort of improvement is carried out.

Home improvements transform properties and lives

Each individual or household needs to consider their aims, their budget, the current nature and style of their property and any regulations which may impact on improvements that can be made at home. This means it is impossible to say that there is one style of home improvement that is better than the rest, because each improvement needs to be undertaken on its own merits. However, there is a recognised order of home improvements that will maximise the return for a property owner.

·         Build up, with loft conversions being the most popular form of home improvement

·         Build out, with home extensions being seen as a sensible option for many homeowners

·         Build down, with basement conversions being an option that may be worthwhile, but it can be challenging

If you have loft space that is not being utilised properly, converting your loft is a smart move, and one that is likely to offer a range of benefits. Whether you need additional living space, an extra bedroom or a space for a hobby or employment opportunity, converting loft space is a smart idea. This style of conversion improves the utility of property, but it also ensures that the value of the home has been enhanced.

Building out may be your number one option

It may be that extending the building out further into the property is a good option. Conservatories and garages are simple ways to add more space at home but depending on budget or need, you will find that adding an additional room is an option for many homeowners to consider too. If you don’t have loft space that can be converted, this style of investment is likely to be your number one option.

Converting a basement area or digging down can bring about benefits, but there are also problems and challenges with this style of work. All improvements need to be planned and reviewed before work is carried out, but digging down poses challenges, and if you are looking to create space in this manner, it is best to work with skilled professionals who have considerable experience in this line of work.

All these options can provide you with a great outcome, and no matter what your short or long-term aims are with your property, home improvements offer a great return. When it comes to making the most of your home and understanding the property market, stay in touch with Gareth James.

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