Summer Styles For Your Home

When it comes to styling your property, many people like to freshen things up for every season. There will be some homeowners who take this as an excuse to completely overhaul how their home looks but it is possible to make the home look stylish for every season without spending a lot of money. Whether you are looking for subtlety or a complete overhaul, there are summer styles for your home.

Green is in fashion for the summer of 2017

You can see why green is a popular colour in the summer time. There is an argument to be made for yellow, capturing the sun and beaches, or blue, evoking memories of the sea and clear skies, but for vibrancy and energy, green is the ideal colour to use when you are looking to give your home a summer style.

There are many different shades of green to choose from but for a serious summer time vibe, dark greens, capturing the colour of leaves and plants, are an excellent choice. If you are looking to create a comprehensive summer vibe, it is possible to use green as the choice for painting walls or for wallpaper, but it is often best to use green as the more subtle option, for additional items around the home.

This is why rugs, cushions and throws are a good choice. These items add a splash of summer vibrancy to a home without overpowering it or laying the summer vibe on too thick.

Add plants to continue to the green summer vibe

Of course, given that green is popular in summer because it captures the style of plants and flowers, it makes sense to add plants and flowers around the home. This is a great accessory to have and plants not only have a great look, they can also impact on the smell and feel of the room. This means you can create a fresh summer time vibe in more ways than one, which is cost effective and simple.

If you are not green fingered and worried about having to take care of plants, there are some green plants that don’t need a lot of work. The best example would be a cactus, which has a very unique look and style and most importantly, doesn’t require a lot of looking after. Given that cactus can prosper in the desert, they are likely to do just fine in your home!

Add some stylish texture

If you are looking to change your worktops or you want to add a touch of class to your home this summer, marble is one of the most popular finishes to choose from. The good thing about marble is the fact that imitation marble gives you the same look for a much more affordable price. If you are on a budget, you can still create a fantastic summer style in your home with imitation marble.

Metallic finishes

Metallic finishes work perfectly well with marble, creating a stylish look but they also work very well by themselves. Opting for gold, silver or bronze finishes or items will create a classy look at home but it will also ensure that you have a glittering addition to your home that can catch attention. When the sun pours in through your window, there is a nice effect when it catches a metallic finish, which adds to the summer time feeling at home.

The good thing about these different tips for a summer style is that you can use them as strongly or as subtly as you like. No matter what sort of style you want to create at home, these tips will hopefully help you to enjoy summer as much as you can.

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