5 ideas to simplify your house move

Moving house can be stressful, but it can be a much simpler process if you take control of the situation. It is important to be proactive in preparing for a property move and here are 5 ideas to simply your house move.

Get organised in advance

A lot of people don’t like being structured, they feel that the time spent making plans or carrying out administrative tasks is time wasted, and time that could be better spent by actually “doing something”. However, taking the time to arrange what you intend to do with your property move and laying out a plan of action will help you to save time. There are some tasks that have a logical order and rather than working through in a haphazard manner, it makes sense to have an order you will follow.

This can be seen with packing, with an order running as follows:

·         Arrange for boxes or containers into which you can pack these items

·         Review your belongings and split into separate piles; keep, discard and sell/pass on

·         Allocate time which you can review and then pack

·         Do one room at a time

·         Label all boxes and allocate them to a room in the new home

Following a plan for packing up your belongings will take some of the stress out of the work and if you allocate yourself a certain amount of time for each task each day, you’ll be more likely to work on. When you are looking through old belongings, it is understandable that you can become nostalgic but this may slow you down or divert you from your efforts. By placing a deadline on yourself, you will be far more likely to keep working.

By labelling all of the boxes and allocating them to a room in your new home, it should make matters simpler when you reach the new property.

Assemble your team and give them a helping hand

Moving home is always a lot simpler when you have a helping hand. Whether you are hiring a professional team or you are relying on friends or family members, you’ll find the moving process is simpler when you have a team around you. You will inevitably be the leader, and this means you need to take the lead and show direction.

Provide people with clear directions on how to get to your home, request that people arrive at a certain time (although if people are volunteering to help, you have to be respectful of them) and also make sure that people have clear directions to get from your old property to your new property.

If you have an order in mind to move items, inform other people. You should also make it obvious that you are grateful for other people’s assistance, and this means thanking them.

Food, drink and sustenance

Moving home can be a difficult process and it can be tiring work. You want to make sure that you keep your energy levels high and if people are doing you a favour, you want to make sure that their time and efforts are rewarded. This means you should have plenty of food and drink on offer to ensure people are hydrated and properly fed.

Try to allocate some time the evening before or the morning of your moving day to make up sandwiches or have snacks ready. Have a kettle, milk, teabags, coffee and sugar handy in a bag, so you can provide people with drinks in your old and new home.

Also, be prepared to take a break. You may feel as though if you keep working you will be finished quicker but there is a lot to be said for taking a short break to rest your arms and legs while refreshing your mind. If people are doing you a favour, don’t take them for granted.

Have the utilities ready in advance if you can

Before the moving day, you should have contacted all of your utility providers, informing them that you are leaving your old home and moving to a new one. It may be that you can transfer your account over or you may have to cancel and then start a new account, depending on what service providers are available in your new home.

If you can have your account set up to start from the day you move in, or as soon after as possible, you will remove a lot of the stress and hassle that many people associate with moving house.

Be prepared for a few emotional moments

We all deal with things in different ways, and there may be a million reasons why someone or a family is looking to move home. However, no matter the reason you have for moving, it could be a very emotional day. If you are leaving behind a lot of great memories and friends, the moving out day can be very sad, even if you are excited about the new adventures. If you are moving on to better things or you are glad to get away from your previous property, it can still be a day charged with various emotions.

This is why if you need to take some time to yourself on moving day, you should do so. Allowing yourself the chance to say goodbye or be thankful for what you now have is perfectly natural and if you acknowledge this and take stock, you should find it simpler to press on with the work, as opposed to bottling it up.

Moving home can be difficult but with forward planning and the right attitude, it can be a lot simpler than you may expect. 


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