Summer security tips for your house

The summer time is an excellent time of year for adventure, excitement and fun. Whether you are jetting off on holiday or you are looking to make the most of your local area, you may spend time away from home and the time you spend at home will be relaxed and laidback. This is a great time of year for many people but you also want to make sure that it doesn’t become a nightmare, and this is why you should bear in mind these summer security tips for your house

Close downstairs windows at night

If the weather is very hot, it is understandable that you will want to leave some windows open, particularly when you are looking to get to sleep. However, always make sure you close all downstairs windows before you go to bed, because this is the most common point of entry to a home, and Home Office statistics say that 56% of burglaries take place in the evening.

Be mindful of what you post on social media

It is understandable that people want to share holiday images and airport logins on social media but be careful what this information says to potential thieves. Depending on your security settings, your content may be accessible by a lot of people and if your social media updates indicate you are away from home for a while, this may be all the invitation you need.

Wait until you return home to share your holiday snaps, and this will keep your home safer while also minimising the likelihood that your friends will be jealous or annoyed of your updates!

Don’t be in such a hurry

If you are heading off on holiday or for a big day, it is understandable that you will be excited and keen to get out of the door. However, don’t be in such a rush that you leave valuable items within easy reach of doors, windows or even your letterbox. Sometimes an opportunist thief only needs the merest of access to your property and they can steal something of value.

Consider your post/milk/newspapers etc

The last thing you want while you are away on holiday is for a pile of letters, newspapers or even milk orders to pile up at your door. When it comes to papers and newspapers, this will cost you money but it also sends out a signal that you aren’t at home. Either cancel or postpone your orders, request the Royal Mail holds your mail for the period of your holiday or ask a friend, neighbour or family member to check for these items and remove them if there is any build-up.

Ask someone to pop in occasionally

If it is possible to have someone pop into your home while you are away, this will be of benefit. Asking people to turn on lights and change things around will make it less obvious that you are away, and this may be all that is needed to persuade an opportunist thief in your area that there is no point in targeting your home.

Consider timer switches for your lights

If you are unable to have someone pop into your home regularly or you want more assistance in having lights turned on and off at your home, invest in timer switches that will turn lights on and off at certain times. This will help create the impression that someone is inside your home.

Bring items inside

If you have been having fun in the garden, enjoying a BBQ or carrying out gardening work, don’t leave valuable or important items outside at night when you are in for the evening. Bring them into the house or place them into a garage, garden shed or storage space.

The summer time is a brilliant time of year for fun and excitement, but don’t forget the importance of keeping your home safe. If you follow these tips, you should help to keep your property safer in the summer.

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