Kitchens sway buyers. True or false?

While every single room in a house is important when trying to make a sale or impress potential buyers, there has been a level of thinking surrounding the kitchen, and its role as the most important room in the house when making a sale. It is fair to say that the kitchen is seen as the hub of modern life, this is where people gather sustenance and it is often the place where people congregate, either quickly in passing or at greater leisure. This has impacted on how important the kitchen is seen in the home and there is a general consensus that kitchens sway buyers.

However, in recent times, many property experts and estate agents are downgrading the overall importance of the kitchen. Yes, it is still essential to ensure the kitchen is spotless, in good condition and appropriate for the property. A kitchen that is dirty, grimy or in bad repair will put a potential buyer off, so in that regard, the quality and condition of a kitchen is likely to have a huge influence on a buyer, but it needs to be remembered that this isn’t the only factor that is important when presenting a home for sale.

Many experts advised installing a new kitchen before selling a property

With this in mind, fewer estate agents and property specialists advise clients to undertake a thorough overhaul of their kitchen before placing it on the market. It used to be that many property owners were told to have a new kitchen installed before selling their home, but the benefits and return on investment of doing so are just not as big or as essential as they used to. It is a far more effective use of time and money for a homeowner to carry out minor repairs and focus on small matters in the kitchen as opposed to paying for a new kitchen to be installed.

If the worktop is spotless, the white goods are in good working order, sinks and taps are gleaming and all cupboards open and close properly while offering a lot of storage space, the vast majority of potential buyers will be happy with what is on offer.

A great looking kitchen can make other looms room less appealing

One problem that arose from the level of investment being placed into a kitchen was the impact it had on the other rooms at home. A gleaming kitchen full of the latest gadgets and mod-cons made the rest of the house look dated or out of touch if they weren’t also renovated or improved. While potential buyers would be impressed by the look of a new kitchen, the rest of the home wouldn’t match up to this status, and that could lead to more questions as opposed to answers in the mind of a potential buyer. With this in mind, all kitchen upgrades or improvements need to be carried out in line with the look and condition of the house as a whole.

Property owners should be aware that a bad condition can kill their property ambitions, so in that regard, yes, a kitchen will still sway buyers but it is no longer advised to spend huge sums of money solely focusing on the kitchen in the hope that this will ramp up the property value and encourage potential buyers to make high bids for the property.

With property buyers becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to what a home has to offer, and knowing that that they can carry out upgrades or new installations at an affordable price when they move in, people selling homes should ensure their kitchen is of an attractive level but don’t worry about making it stand out.

Posted:05/20/17 Kitchens sway buyers. True or false? Tags: Kitchen, Buyers, Sale | By GarethJames
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